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“The update to this convertible laptop has features our other units did not: total portability because of an internal battery and the ease in which the computer is released from the dock. With all items in the bid specification considered, MobileTEK’s lower cost was the tie-breaker, and we have not been disappointed whatsoever.”

Michael Phy

Deputy Fire Chief , Clinton Township Fire

“By going with the refurbished laptops, we have been able to replace our entire fleet of cruisers with updated laptops. If we didn’t have this option, it may have taken us up to 5 years to replace our fleet’s laptop computers. Also, MobileTEK’s customer service is wonderful.”

Brian Slone

Assistant Chief, Nicholasville Police

“When we purchased the new Ford Interceptor the full size laptops didn’t work as well in the new vehicles due to space limitations. It was at this time I began to look at rugged tablets with the Windows 7 Professional operating system. There are many tablets on the markets but most are not rugged. Public safety equipment is used is a variety of environments and lesser quality equipment does not hold up well. I found the Getac F-100 Tablet was a good fit for our department. The Getac tablet is well built, reasonably priced and we were able to configure the tablet to the specs we needed to run our public safety software. When paired with the Havis dock and mounting hardware we got a very good MDT solution that is easy to use, easy to install, and secure in the event of an accident.”

Paul Singleton

Sergeant, Muncie Police Department

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